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Schematic file

D2 CAD It roughly divides into the file of the schematic system to refer to, and there are a schematic file and a library file.
A schematic file (DCD) and a project file (DPJ) can specify either at the time of starting.
Moreover, the drops of Explorer etc. to a file are also possible.
When a project file is dropped, all the schematic files opened now are opened after closing.

Schematic file
It is the schematic file of D2 CAD. The place of a file is good anywhere.
It is convenient, if the folder only for schematics is built, or a folder is made for every project and it is made to put there.

D2 CAD Reading and the write of a file by which the ASCII save was carried out by Tango SCH of the MS-DOS version are made.
(shareware formal registrant)

Project file
It is the project file of D2 CAD. Management of a schematic file at large is recorded.
The place of a file is good anywhere.
It is convenient, if it is made the same folder as a schematic file, or the folder only for projects is made and it collects there.
Since a file is a text file, it can be changed by the editor etc.
Since an item may be added, I ask a format of a file of you so that it may not change.
Library file
It is a library file. The place of a file is good anywhere.
It will be convenient if the folder for libraries is made and collected into exclusive use.
Please do not open this file by the editor etc. A file may break.
Parts alias definition file
It is the alias definition file of a library file. A file will not be arranged if there is nothing to the same folder as a library file.
Moreover, except an extension, a file name will not be arranged, if not the same as that of a library file.
A format of a file may be changed in the future, although it is CSV file fundamentally.

Report file

There is a function which outputs various reports required for an electric schematic in D2 CAD.
When the project is set up, it outputs to the same folder as a project file as a "project name + extension."
When there is no project, it outputs to the folder in which D2 CAD is installed, as a "D2 CAD"+ extension.
Moreover, a file is always outputted by overwrite.

Parts table file
The file of CSV file format divided with the comma is created.
Please customize a parts table on the basis of this file.
Report file
It is the file which outputs the report of an error etc. Please see by the favorite text editor.
This file is due moreover, to be used as a file for re-error prevention of the error check of ERC in the future.
Netlist file
It is the netlist file created by the type of the netlist specified at the time of execution.
Network information file
The alias list of an error or network names produced at the time of network creation is created.
WAS-IS file
By parts number allotment, in a parts allotment template, DWS file will be created, if creation is chosen.
Not only change of a parts number but a parts name and value can be changed collectively.

Backup file

The method of creating a backup file by D2 CAD is set up in the dialog of saving of an environmental setup .

Schematic backup file
It is created by the schematic file name by the extension BAK at the same folder as a schematic file.
In an extension BAK, not all are a schematic backup file.

When you edit backup of a schematic, please set an extension to DCD by Explorer etc.

Parts backup file
It is created by the library-file name by the extension LBK at the same folder as a library file.
When you use backup of parts, please change an extension into LIB by Explorer etc.

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