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Please thaw the file which created and downloaded the suitable folder.
SETUP.EXE -- performing -- back -- installation -- please follow soft directions
Since there is no option, please push O.K. button wholly.


Please read cautions of uninstallation of a help file before uninstalling.

"An addition and deletion" of a control panel of application are chosen.
D2 CAD is chosen and the button of "an addition and deletion" is pushed.

When you cannot download well, please try to click, width Shift key.


D2 CAD Ver 1.20 2008/07/06 816,415 bytes

Library file

It is the library file which can be used by D2CAD.
A standard library is same data as that which is contained when it installs.

Standard library buhin.lzh 1998/09/13 169,456 bytes
The collection of DIP package package.lzh 1998/03/02 30,629 bytes
Toshiba (One gate IC, digital transistor, etc.) toshiba.lzh 1998/06/25 23,681 bytes
Sony (video) sony.lzh 1998/06/25 26,812 bytes

Parts schematic

It is a schematic file only describing the parts received from the user.
Some parts have the case where the standard library file is overlapped.
Please use it by copying to a clip board.
Let's register the parts included in mind into your library file.
Parts are not checked. In case you use it, please be careful.
the case where it has been noticed by the mistake of parts -- the D2CAD user of BBS -- please report quickly
I also correct data here.
The library file is invited. Please send data by mail.

A transformer, memory etc (Mr. Kihara) parts_k1.lzh 1997/01/05 97,310 bytes


The manual was created so that the manual of a homepage could be printed.
Although a password is heard, please open only by for reading.
When a display is amusing, please regulate right unfilled space.
A table of contents should update the field.
It is only an object for Word 97 now. If there is a request, the object for Word95 can be created immediately.

Manual (for Word 97) Ver 1.07 d2manual.lzh 1999/03/15 588,497 bytes

The broad view which creates a parts list

It is the sample which operates orthopedically the parts list file created by D2CAD.

Changes a parts list for Excel macro d2macro.lzh 1999/02/18 19,832 bytes

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