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Let's make a network.
1) How to make it output correctly
2) A network and a pin
3) The rule when attaching a signal name

since D2 CAD is CAD for an electric schematic design -- since -- there is a function which creates a netlist According to the following notes, please draw a schematic and parts so that a network outputs correctly.

The item which constitutes a network

Wire If a name is in a wire, a network will be created by the name. All the wires with the same name are connected with this potential.
Junction The junction connected with the wire is effective.
Pin A non-displaying power-supply pin is connected to the same pin of a name, and the wire of the same signal name.

How to attach a network name

The 1 As for the name of the network connected from the pin of the parts without reference value, the pin name of the part turns into a network name. (Parts of a power supply etc.)
All power supplies etc. are connected by the same name.
If the pin currently not displayed is a pin of a power-supply attribute, it connects with the network of the same name as the pin name.
If it is not a power-supply attribute by the non-displaying pin, it will not be connected anywhere. (It becomes open.)
The 2 When the name is attached to the wire, all the things of the same name are connected.
The 3 The network with which the name is not attached to a wire turns into the network according to the image of a schematic.
There is also an exception .
Cautions 1 The character sequence "D2 CAD" cannot be included in a network name. (It is a reservation word)
Cautions 2 A network name does not distinguish a capital letter and a small letter.
Cautions 3 At the head of a signal name, and an end " [ " , " ] " , " { " , " } " , " ( " , " ) " If the parenthesis of a grade is attached, a network will not be outputted correctly.
Preservation If "it saves before starting a tool" is confirmed on the page of the tool of an environmental setup, a file is saved before creation.
Others When two or more signal names are on the same potential, the one signal name to shoot is used for a netlist. It is outputted to the item of "Alias" of a network information file as an alias definition.
Others To the same directory as a netlist, a check of "network information file creation" creates the file of an extension (nrp).

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