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Let's edit.
1) Edit of a line
2) Edit of a character
3) Edit of parts
4) Edit of a pin

Edit of a wire, a bus, and a line

In order to edit a line, a line is chosen by "selection of an item."
And "Modefy" is chosen by edit of a menu.
"E" key is pushed by the keyboard.

If two or more items are chosen, it will become the multi-edit mode.

The name of a line A name is attached to a line. In attaching a bar on a name, it attaches "^" forward and backward.
For details, please refer to the input of a character .

The name outputted to a netlist is only a name of a wire.
In order to output a netlist correctly, it is made not to use a sign for a name. (", $[]-, etc.)
Let's take care about the length of a name again.

How to attach the name at the time of multi-edit should look at "the input method of a character formula."
*** is inputted when not changing a name at this time.

A display of a name When displaying the name of a line (printing), it checks.
Power-supply line It is effective only in a wire, and it checks to make it thick as a power-supply line.
The power-supply line is not distinguished especially in a program. It is only thickly drawn in a schematic.

At the time of multi-edit, in the state of gray, as they are, if it removes whether it checks, all wires will be changed.

Reservation word Please do not use the following name for the name of a line.
"D2 CAD" , "D2CAD"
Space processing The blank before and behind the name of a line is omitted by the program. The space before and behind a name cannot be used.
Line style The thickness of a line is lost when styles other than a solid line are chosen.
Movement "X reversal", "Y reversal", "rotation", and "a starting point setup with a ten key" can be used until it decides a position, after changing a name.
However, please do not usually use this option. It is made to move, pushing "Shift" key, in order to cancel the lock of a direction above and to make it move freely.

A keyboard list is referred to.

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