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The Q & A which were able to be brought near until now

A signal name does not move.
A signal name is not moved when it moves in the end of one side of the line which attaches the name.
The signal name is usually locked in the direction (length or width) of a line, although it can move by attribute movement.
Please carry out attribute movement, pushing Shift key, for moving canceling a lock.
Are a parts name and a reference number unmovable?
It can do. The character except having inputted D2CAD to the character input is moved by attribute movement.
Pushing the left button of a mouse, a name to move is chosen so that it may surround in a window.
Please choose attribute movement out of edit of a menu or a pop up menu.
Back directs the move starting point and a movement place in a way like movement. (Rotation and reversal are also possible)
There is a setup which can carry out the automatic change of the grid at the time of attribute movement with the schematic of an environmental setup.
When choosing an item, attribute movement cannot be performed in the selection which pushes CTRL key.
Can't the interval of a grid be changed?
It can do. It is in an environmental setup (schematic ).
We cannot recommend you change of the size of a main grid. Please make it only a sub grid.
If a change of a grid is from a keyboard, it can carry out by "G" key.
Can it draw in A4 length?
The side of A2, A3, and A4 and vertical drawing can be performed.
How is the printing range set up?
The paper of a schematic must be chosen by setup of a printer. The setup of the partial range has not yet been performed.
An environmental setup (printing ) has offset of the starting point for every paper.
Can an ellipse be written?
The present ellipse is not supported. I think that this probably is not supported.
Although it will do if there are many requests, please use the long circle which combined the line and the half-circle.
Can't the thickness of a line be changed?
The change on the present program is impossible. There are also speed of drawing and a problem of recognition and the program is made from the present half fixation.
I want to make it a parameter in the future.
In the case of a wire, the thick line for power supplies can be drawn.
A line will become thick if "P" key is pushed from a keyboard while writing the line. If it pushes once again, it will return.
Change is possible even if it double-clicks and edits a wire.
although it may cross to 50 pages or more in the case of a sequence, to how many sheets can it edit at once? two or more sheets -- 1 -- isn't it savable by one file?
The number to open does not have a limit fundamentally. As long as a resource allows, it takes.
However, it cannot perform on the structure of a program making two or more sheets one file.
It becomes as [ manage / it / prepare one file (project file) to which two or more file names were written, and ].
Can processing of a corner be performed when a line bends?
piping -- a figure -- processing of a schematic cannot be performed by the present version
How is an arrow written?
An arrow can be drawn by F6 and F7 key.
Can a title (title) be changed? How does it change again?
A title can be edited. A schematic file and a title file are the same file structures.
Please look at the customize method of a title file for details.

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