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It returns to a zoom tool bar.

Zoom operation of mouse use

D2 CAD can perform zoom operation in the position, without moving a mouse cursor to a menu.
If it moves, with both of buttons of a mouse pushed as shown in a lower figure,
it will go into the zoom operation mode.
If it gets used, it is easy rather than it operates it by the zoom tool bar.

If both of buttons are pushed and are detached as it is, the position will be moved to the center of a screen.
It is used when moving a drawing at the end of a screen.
That which cannot push both of buttons of a mouse simultaneously is performed by <Ctrl>+<Shift>+ <a left button>.
(1 button mouse, tablet, etc.)

Keyboard operation

Expansion PageUp
Reduction PageDown
Whole display Shift+PageDown
That will become a center if a mouse is brought to a position to carry out expansion reduction.
If a mouse is out of a drawing, expansion reduction of the center of a drawing will be carried out.

Refresh screen

There is especially no function of a screen of refreshment.
If you are mouse operation, on a drawing, please push both of buttons simultaneously and detach them as it is.
Please push "G" (grid change) twice from a keyboard.

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