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The upper thing is a new request. What was realized is deleted one by one.
It is mail if there are a request of those other than this and an idea. until -- give

Request Correspondence
The output of HP-GL I want you to carry out this somehow or other by the printer driver side.
Reading of DXF file Since DXF file output is still also imperfect, I think that mounting becomes previously to a slight degree.
it was edit of a library on D2CAD -- it is The turn of the parts of a library file, connection of a file, and sampling
After dropping on a text file, it edits, and it is made to return now again.
It enables it to edit on D2CAD someday.
Attachment of a bit map The input of a bit map itself is expansion reduction of data, although it is not difficult.
Since it will think that it is bad if it does not support, I think that mounting becomes previously to a slight degree.
Package conversion of a library file From a corresponded menu to tool -> library-file conversion
I want to connect a line to a line input. Mounting on real time is difficult from the field of speed just for a moment.
It enables it to carry out by edit or duplication arrangement.
I want to turn off a line on the way. I want to realize with devising the method of selection by item selection.
Range selection while pushing a present ALT key is considered. If there are some ideas, give mail.
Whenever it carries out a right click to a line input, I want to make the line in front of one undecided. Refer to the schematic of an environmental [ where it corresponds ] setup. It ends by the ESC key.
The mode is temporarily changed by SHIFT+ right click.
I want to do attribute movement at one step. Finishing [ correspondence ]
Please set a mouse by the place of an attribute in the state where the item is not chosen, and push F8 key.
Even if it rotates and is reversed, I do not want to move the character in parts. He plans to attach the attribute of whether it rotates in connection with extension of rotation of a character, or it does not carry out.
Also season with it and consider reversal for the attribute. Operation is change of the attribute in parts edit, and a key at the time of rotation reversal.
I want to carry out in combination.
I want to change the kind of line of a circle. Finishing [ correspondence ] It changes by S key.
I want to turn to an opposite direction by rotation. Corresponded SHIFT key is used together.
A character sequence also wants to make the portion of a number variable by +-key. Finishing [ correspondence ]
I want to display a main grid on a sub grid. The main grid on a corresponded substitute grid is displayed by +.
I want to attach with a refix date. With [ a refix date ], a page, a schematic number, a maker, a file name, etc. are inputted as a property of a project. It is thought that it will advance by the embedding field character sequence on a schematic by automatic or the specification which carries out manual conversion, at the time of printing.
If there are an idea and a request, give mail.
I want to also rotate a pin number by attribute movement. Although I do not want you to change it since a pin wants to give unification nature by rotation of parts, since it is possible, examine mounting.
I want to draw the line to which the arrow was attached. It chooses in a corresponded line input and F6 and F7 key are pushed.
I want to draw a line in GRID OFF. Since a line may be used as data of a certain tool in the future, it is GRID OFF.
We cannot not much recommend you drawing. Please make the value of SUB GRID small and draw it. Carry out examination once.
I want to edit two or more items simultaneously. Finishing [ correspondence ]
I want to search. Finishing [ correspondence ] (by the keyboard, it is F3 as Ctrl+F)
I want to change paper size on the way. Finishing [ correspondence ] (change of menu:file -> schematic size)
The item protruded when paper size is made small is not only displayed.
Although it is the page printer of A4, can reduction printing of A3 be performed? Please check in accordance with a paper by printing of an environmental [ where it corresponds ] setup.
Write of DXF, BMP, and GIF file Finishing [ BMP and DXF / correspondence ]. Since there is also a relation of a license, GIF is examined.
Reading of other CAD schematics Reading of a present Tango(DOS version) ASCII file is possible.
If a data format understands other files, they want to correspond.
Can a class schematic be made? It corresponds in the direction which associates and carries out a schematic and parts by the project file.
Therefore, in case itis not [ parts-] made toize a schematic, it is going to just collect specification.
Can what attaches only by clicking a parts number be performed? Is it the specification which numbers the order to click?
In this case, if the mode is added newly, it corresponds. Consider what method is convenient.
It will be made reference if there are a method and an idea concretely.
Is the size of A0 and A1 possible? Since it depends on API of Windows for the portion of a display 100% in the present program
With now, correspondence is difficult. (If zoom is carried out, data will overflow.)
Isn't auto bread supported? Finishing [ correspondence ] (a key is Scroll Lock or vf4)
Can data of ORCAD and parts be read? I think surely that ORCAD had parts data in the bit image.
Since all of D2CAD are vector data, vector conversion of it must be carried out and it is fundamentally impossible.
Parts data of ORCAD is likely to serve as the text data object which DECOMPed, somehow.
Anyway, about ORCAD, data is insufficient. If there is data, I will think that it becomes somehow.
Correspondence to a future network Finishing [ correspondence ].

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