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Three processes which make parts
1) Parts element
2) Parts-izing
3) Parts-ized dialog

The item which constitutes parts

A line and a circle A line and a circle constitute the outside of parts.
Pin A pin is an item with the electric information on parts.
Character Explanation and the comment of parts can be inputted.
In the present version, it cannot be set as un-displaying on a schematic.
Please use it to always display with parts.
Attribute character There are NAME, REF, and VAL in the attribute character of parts.
When making parts, a required thing is inputted as "NAME", "REF", and "VAL" to a character input, respectively.
There is no distinction of a capital letter and a small letter.
(Parts name)
It is the name reflected in a parts table or a netlist. It is surely required for parts.
Although the parts call name from a library is usually the same as that of a parts name, it is distinguished by the program.
(Reference number)
It is the name reflected in a parts table and a netlist.
It does not attach to take out a name to netlists, such as a power supply and GND.
It is the name reflected in a parts table. It is used for what has required value, such as resistance and a capacitor.
IC etc. is not attached to the thing without value.

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