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Keyboard command list

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Key Reading State Meaning
C Clock It is made a clock pin.
D Dot It is made a dot pin.
E EDIT Edit of an item
G Grid A grid is changed.
I Invert The logic of parts is reversed.
J Junction If a junction is attached, it will erase.
L Lock The input direction changes to a free-lancer and order 90 degrees and 45 degrees.
N Next The following parts
P Part It parts-izes (when-izing can be carried out [ parts ] by the selected item).
P Power A change of a power-supply line (when-izing of the selected item cannot be carried out [ parts ], including a wire)
R Rotate 90 degrees rotation of an item (it is reverse rotation by Shift combined use)
R Repeat The input is repeated when the number of the line which inputted, edited and moved and was copied to the last, a pin, and characters is one.
S Style Change of the form of a line and a circle Whenever it pushes, it changes.
X X-Mirror Right-and-left reversal
Y Y-Mirror Vertical reversal
F3 The next is searched. It reference-continues in the last reference character sequence.
F6 The arrow of the starting point The arrow by the side of the starting point of a line is turned on and turned off.
F7 A terminal arrow The arrow by the side of the terminal point of a line is turned on and turned off.
F8 Movement from an attribute 1 The attribute of a mouse cursor position is acquired and it is attribute movement.
"" (space) Mix A mix grid is changed.
Back space Back The last line input is made undecided.
Delete Delete Deletion of an item
Esc Escape Cancellation
PageUp Page UP Zoom rise
PageDown Page Down Zoom down
Scroll Lock PAN A change of automatic scrolling (PC-9801 without a key are F14)
Arrow key Arrow key 1 grid movement
+ The number portion of an item is increased.
- The number portion of an item is decreased.
Shift Compulsive circle input mode
Shift+G V-Get The parts set up by the environmental setup VCC are acquired.
Shift+R Opposite direction repeat The repetition direction of a repeat is made reverse.
Shift+PageUp Data Zoom Up The length of a pin and the size of a character are made to increase.
Shift+PageDown Data Zoom Down The length of a pin and the size of a character are decreased.
Shift+ mouse movement Lock release Movement of the lock release by attribute movement of a signal name
Shift+ right click Reversal of the initial value of an environmental setup
Shift+ Arrow key Shift+ Arrow key 10 grid movement
Ctrl+F Reference A reference dialog is displayed.
Ctrl+G G-Get The parts set up by environmental setting GND are acquired.
Ctrl++ The number portion of a pin name is increased.
Ctrl+- The number portion of a pin name is decreased.
Ctrl + PageDown Ctrl + PageDown Whole display
Ctrl+ left click Copy mode It shifts to a copy mode from the move mode.
1-9 of a ten key Character starting point change The character starting point of a selection item is changed. It is only the object at the time of attribute movement.

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